How Split airport successfully applies mobile walls


The airport in Split had to carry out several construction and reconstruction works, as well as the extension of the current passenger terminal.
Construction works are difficult at airports, as they have to be performed without affecting the moving passenger and guaranteeing for their safety. 


The Mobile lightweight G40 System was the best solution for the airport, as the construction areas had to be delimited temporarily. A fast and easy way to set up and remove the walls was therefore essential.
Based on the given measures we provided the airport with the necessary panels and an introductory workshop together with our skilled workers, where we explained the fast steps to assemble the walls.


“We are very satisfied with this lightweight Mobile Wall solution. The walls are currently being used to create a protection barrier between the passenger traffic at the terminal and the ongoing works.
We are able to delimit the areas without disturbing the daily passenger flow.
The great advantage of the Wall System is, that it is very fast and easy to set up and disassemble after the work is done.
We have already used this solution many times and we will also use it in the future as a protective barrier for the next maintenance or construction works at our terminal.”

-Airport development management-
Split Airport, Croatia


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