The step by step guide to install your movable partition wall

The movable wall partitions are very easy to set up and in fact you don’t need a specialized person to do so. With this guide we’ll help you to set up your partition wall step by step so that you can do it easily by yourself.

1) First, take a wrench and adjust the spacing of the adjustable feet of your movable wall panels so that they all have the same length. If necessary, you can adjust the feet at any time. The height should be approx. 30 mm.


2) Then, insert the connector into the lower part of the angle profile and fix the screw in the groove.


3) Now, slide the connector into the lower part of the angle profile of your movable wall panel and "lock" the connector by turning the nut of the screw of 90° max.


4) Place the movable wall panel on the corner profile and "lock" the connector. Take another connector and insert it into the upper part of the panel. Lock it again with a 90° turn. Now you have your first stable angle. 

6) Next, insert the connectors into the free sides of the bottom panels on the side to which you want to add the next wall panel.


7) Now you can turn around your corner construction and put it into a vertical position. Once your corner is put up, the partition wall can be extended in either direction. The Connectors must be attached to vertical panels in order to attach more panels.


8) Before attaching other wall panels, remember to insert the panel connector at the bottom part.


9) The next additional panel is placed onto the wall connector, which is immediately clamped. The panels are immediately tied together by the connector.


10) Lock the add-on panel after placing it on the connector. Then insert the connector on the upper side and close it as well.


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