Maximum safety at the Check-in Counter

For the restart of flight operations after the restrictions imposed as a result of Covid19 , numerous safety precautions are necessary to protect airport staff and passengers from further infections. 
One direct measure provides for a clear separation at the check-in area by a protection shield to prevent the transmission of viruses via the airway. 

The classic option, which is also used in other industries, is a transparent display that is placed directly on the check-in counter. 
However, this solution has several disadvantages. A mobile display made of this material has a low weight, which is why no great stability can be guaranteed. 
This results in a repeated need for adjustments by the staff or the danger of knocking the display over. 
The minimal free space in the middle of the display is reminiscent of a small railway station counter, where tickets and passports are moved back and forth.


The elegant solution comes from above 

The optimized solution for an efficient protection is a shield made of Plexiglas, which is fixed with steel cables above the check-in counter
The fastening offers a high degree of stability and the great advantage of not having to adjust the protection several times. 
A space between the plexiglass and the counter offers plenty of room for staff at the check-in counter as well as for passengers to pass through their travel documents comfortably. 

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  • Discreet protection for staff and passengers
  • Secure fastening with steel cables 
  • Fixing to Info Monitor brackets
  • Sufficient space between sign and check-in counter

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