How to create your perfect home office with room dividers

The year 2020 has brought many changes. The world of work in particular is undergoing major changes due to the corona pandemic.

Until recently it was unimaginable for most people to work from home. Now it has become typical  to have a  home office.

This is a concept that will continue to prevail in the future, as it has more positive effects than expected for both employers and employees.

For the employee or freelancer the question arises: How can I design my home office to maximize my productivity?


Create a room to work with mobile partitions

A permanent place for your working desk is the prerequisite for productive and successful work.

This can be arranged individually and according to personal needs. The room does not have to be particularly large, usually one corner of the room is sufficient.

If you do not have your own study, you can create the perfect place to work with room dividers.


Mobile partitions are best suited for this. With our room partitioning solutions, you can freely design your personal workplace. Panels are available in various sizes and designs, which you can set up at different angles and radii.

The assembly can be done very easily in a short amount of time, without the use of tools . Disassembling is just as easy, quick and above all, clean. You can set up and take down the mobile partition walls as often as you like with minimum effort.

Watch this video to see how fast and easy you can set up a partition wall.

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Natural daylight is also particularly important in your home office. If your office needs additional light, this can be supplemented with the mobile partitions.

The modular panels also allow space for cabling or ventilation.

If you want to avoid any sources of interference during work, it is also possible to set up a room box, which is supplemented with a door element.

This creates an ideal quiet space in which you can hold important conversations and telephone conferences without being disturbed.




More tips for successful working from home

  • Ergonomic office chairs
  • Sufficient amounts of liquid (preferably in the form of still water)
  • Decorations yes, but in moderation
  • Avoid sources of distraction
  • Office clothing instead of sweatpants
  • Set working hours, breaks included

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