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Visual communication with LED light

Passenger terminals with their spacious structure are ideal as a place to convey advertising messages in addition to their actual purpose. Travelers often spend a lot of time inactively waiting and are therefore easily attracted to advertising. Large-scale banner advertising is quite complex to produce, requires a mounting frame, professional assembly and often a lifting platform.
The Phos high-performance projectors offer an alternative and cost-effective solution. They are equipped with high-quality and durable LED light sources and can project advertising messages, as well as any other kind of information on the wall, floor or ceiling. Even larger and hard-to-reach areas in the terminal area can be illuminated with the compact projection spotlights for over 35,000 hours. The result is impressive: extraordinary sharpness and uniform brightness distribution with extremely low energy consumption.





  • LED light sources with 35,000 operating hours (L70)
  • Low energy consumption with high luminous efficacy
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • Simple and clear design with small dimensions
  • Various mounting and alignment options
  • Quick and easy exchange of gobos
  • Ideal for information, advertising, signposts
  • Projectors for indoor and outdoor use 
  • Low sensory overload due to static images
  • Cost-effective design of individual projection motifs
  • Long-term cost reduction through LED light sources



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