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Perfect protection for terminals

High-quality reflex-protections for industry and terminals are indispensable wherever man and machine move in the immediate vicinity.
Reflex combines tested quality with simple and fast assembly of modular components, maintenance and cleaning. 

The large selection of Reflex profiles in different protection classes offers airports an ideal solution for different areas. The protections are applied on the apron and create a reliable separation between walkways and supply roads. Protection of masonry in exposed areas, light poles on the apron or equipment parking areas are safely separated by reflective profiles.
Thanks to their self-extinguishing material (class V0) and acid resistance, Reflex profiles are suitable for all businesses and areas where high-quality protection is required.


The features at a glance

  • Quick and easy installation and cleaning
  • Self-extinguishing material class V0
  • High impact resistance (over PA6)
  • Intelligent design with large impact surface 
  • High elasticity and dimensional stability
  • Resistant to saline solutions, alcohol, acids and moulds
  • Waterproof material and rapid drainage of the liquid
  • 100% recyclable 



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