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People counting sensor system

For an intelligent airport

Sensors and electronics are playing an increasingly important role also in airports. Due to the constantly growing number of passengers, airports are dependent on efficient process handling and real-time reports.
With the help of sensor technology, processes can be precisely analyzed at various points of the terminal in order to reduce passenger waiting times and increase the service level and quality of terminals.


Passenger Flow Management and Control

Efficient queue management is essential for airports. High-quality queuing, information and security systems allow the ideal organization of queues.


Passenger flow monitoring

With the collected data, operational bottlenecks can be acutely resolved and personnel at certain service points in the terminal can be relieved of their workload. This is made possible by specially developed sensors for real-time and waiting time measurement.


Passenger flow control

Automatic call-forward systems for passengers improve efficiency and on-site service. Passenger flows can be optimized, such as the control of the queue layout from long to short or vice versa. In the course of time, forecasts can also be developed on the basis of already collected data in order to optimize the deployment of personnel.


Quality control

Displays distributed throughout the terminal area allow visitors to provide feedback on a variety of issues such as quality, cleanliness, etc. The data allows continuous improvement to increase customer satisfaction and optimize staffing.


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