Acoustic walls for a better visitor experience

Sound absorbing mobile museum walls

When visiting an art gallery or a museum, visitors will sometimes find it annoying if there is an increase in the noise level due to other visitors and groups. Ambient noise significantly impairs the visitors' experience. Sound-absorbing walls are the ideal solution for absorbing and damping disturbing noises so that the aesthetic perception is no longer impaired.

Terminal plus provides you with modular wall panels, which are equipped with powerful connector technology. This allows the panels to be assembled and disassembled as often as required in the shortest possible time. The lightweight modules are equipped with high-quality sound-absorbing materials and create first-class acoustics with low reverberation and high stability despite minimal wall thickness.


In contrast to conventional modular partition and museum walls, the sound-absorbing walls are characterized by their special structure. Microfine holes literally swallow the sounds instead of throwing them back into the room, as is the case with conventional walls.

However, art exhibitions are not the only place where the sound-absorbing walls can be ideally integrated. The modular lightweight panels are also successfully used at trade fairs. Exhibition stands that are heavily frequented allow visitors to devote their full attention to the respective stand and to to perceive information better without being distracted by the adjacent stands.


You can set up sound-absorbing boxes that are suitable for personal discussions, allowing peace and quiet, and privacy. Disturbing noises do not make it into the interior of the box,. Equally important, audible sounds cannot leave the created room. With high-quality equipment, the panels continue to impress with their attractive and modern aesthetics.

Tired visitors who would like to take a break for a few minutes can retire to their own chill-out room. For this purpose, a room with sound-absorbing walls inside and a cozy interior can be set up in no time at all. The size of the room, as well as the shape of the modules, can be individually designed and implemented to provide an even better visitor experience. The integration of relaxing music or pleasant light sources can also help to create an ideal retreat.


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