Why you should choose mobile walls over drywall

1. Fast assembly and disassembly

The modular wall system consists of individual panels that can be assembled within a very short time. Thanks to a special connector technology, the lightweight partition walls can be connected to each other easily and in no time. 
The disassembly is just as quick as the assembly. Thus, 20 linear metres can be assembled and dismantled within one hour.
The principle is very easy: a short video demonstration is enough to learn how to set up a mobile wall.


2. No tools necessary

The practical construction works without the use of additional materials or work. A simple roller lifter and a wrench are sufficient to set up the mobile partitions. No filling, no painting, everything stays clean.


3. Integration of elements

Various elements can be integrated into the lightweight panels: Door and window frames, lighting, acoustics, ventilation, wiring for power connections. Acoustic insulation is also possible. The modular system can be adjusted to a wide variety of angles and radii: from linear partitions and angles to curved shapes.


4. Surface for placing advertisement

The lightweight partition walls are an ideal solution for separating a construction site area from the passenger area. The panel surfaces coated with melamine resin can be used as advertising or information surfaces and, alternatively, as guidance systems. A quick clean afterwards and they are immediately ready for the next use.


5. Fire protection optimised and certified

On request, the lightweight partition walls can be supplied with a flame retardant fire protection material which makes them ideally suited for applications in public facilities.


6. No dirt, no packaging waste

The lightweight panels are delivered stacked in a practical transport box. This avoids packaging waste and protects the environment. There is also no unnecessary waste or dirt during assembly and dismantling. This saves time and resources that can be used elsewhere.


7. Reusability

The mobile partition walls can be built up and dismantled again and again. Opposed to dry walls, the modular panels are not disposed every time. In the long run, a lot of money can be saved, because the second application already amortizes the costs.
With appropriate storage and handling, the partition walls can be reused as often as required.


8. Sustainability

The interior of the G40 partition walls is made of honeycomb cardboard, which makes the panels light and at the same time very stable. The outer layer consists of high-quality residual wood, of which no tropical wood is used. The products are optimised for multiple use and can be recycled. The use of sustainable materials as well as solar energy and wood heating is used throughout the entire production process.


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