Safety with the prevention project 2020

How to increase safety everywhere

Do you want to arrange your workplace for you and your employees in such a way that it complies with the current safety regulations? Or are you looking for simple and modern solutions that increase efficiency in various areas of your working environment? 

In offices, pubs and all public places there is still a requirement to ensure certain protective measures to reduce the risk of contagion with viruses or other pathogens. These include transparent panes of Plexiglas or guidance systems. The current options also provide solutions that do not offer a sufficient degree of stability in their implementation.
Last but not least, the solutions usually only fulfill the purpose without regard to design or aesthetics. 

With this in mind, we have developed a solution to meet these requirements as simply as possible. 

The Prevention Project 2020 was created to offer a selection of products for different areas. The most common solutions include guidance systems for orientation or separation of dangerous areas, floor stickers for marking social-distancing areas, disinfectant stands or transparent Plexiglas stands. Our product range offers solutions that can be used in different areas. These include offices, receptions, hospitality, retail, but also industry, terminals, leisure and cultural facilities. 

You too can increase the safety at your workplace. Find the right solution in our brochure. Contact us now for more information. 


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