The right safety barriers for your industry

Why choosing the right safety barriers is so important for your warehouse

A safe work environment is the key to a successful business. I strongly believe that coworkers who feel safe in their work environment feel more appreciated and therefore show increased loyalty and subsequently higher productivity on a daily basis. 


To increase their work safety, companies apply a range of safety measures which help to significantly reduce the risk of accidents at work. This includes regular training for the staff, but also the use of the right equipment to keep the coworkers safe.  



The definition of protected areas and pedestrian walkways

Even more important is the implementation of protective barriers, as well as high-quality systems to designate walkways for people moving within the warehouse (or production facility) and routes for heavy vehicles moving in the same area. 

Most of the time, it is unavoidable for people and vehicles to share the same work environment and routes, which increases the risk of accidents for people. 

Implementing a barrier system with clear and visible designations of the walkways for working staff is a very efficient way to increase the safety of the pedestrian coworkers. The high visibility helps both the employees and the heavy operated vehicles to optimize the area and maintain a safe environment. By instructing coworkers to use only the designated walkways, vehicles are able to move as freely as possible, reducing the risk of accidents. 


The protective barrier systems can be used in a wide range of industries, such as production, retail and warehouse. The modular profiles are suitable for all kinds of warehouse environments and adapt in shape and size according to the needs, whether small, medium or large. In order to define what the right protection for the area is, it is important to analyze the needs of the business. Are there a lot of coworkers moving within the specific area? What are their routes? Are there heavy industrial vehicles moving about? Are they sharing the same routes as the pedestrians? Is there expensive manufacturing machinery that needs to be protected? Are there delicate products or shelves with fragile items? 



A scenario with far-reaching consequences 

Imagine a scenario where your business doesn’t apply impact barriers or does not care about the quality of the right protection profiles. If a heavy-duty vehicle moves within your warehouse and collides with an essential production machine, it could lead to a devastating interruption of the daily operations. In addition to the high costs of repairing the machines, you also have to consider that your business will not be able to produce goods until the machine is repaired or replaced. As a consequence, the staff involved in this step of the production is affected by this collision. It is not worth taking that risk. 


The choice of the right safety barriers

Once the risky areas that need to be protected are identified, the next step is to choose the right safety barrier that suits the needs of the work environment. When it comes to protecting machines or areas with heavy vehicle movement, a strong barrier system with a reflex impact option is the right choice. Lighter barriers can be used in areas where there is less people movement. 


As one of the leading manufacturers of safety and protection profiles, MPM offers a wide and adaptable range of high-quality products that are applicable in any warehouse environment. With a wide variety of sizes, impact absorption and strength, there are innumerous options for businesses to protect their work environment. The modular solutions are designed and manufactured with flexible and resistant materials. The special design of the barriers can absorb the power of any type of impact, distributing the power of the impact across the profile itself, instead of spreading it to the ground to which it is mounted. This avoids damage to people, machines and the facility’s floor. 


The high quality of the products make the protection barriers a long-time investment for the health and safety of the staff as well as for the business. Resistant materials allow for indoor and outdoor use over many years. The modular barriers consist of scratch resistant and anticorrosion self-extinguishing materials, which is an important criterion, especially for the implementation indoors. 

Tested on a regular basis, the profiles not only consist of excellent quality, but are also developed according to the customer’s needs in order to always guarantee the best protection.  



Safety is the most important aspect for a healthy and successful work environment that every business owner should be aware of. However, protective safety barriers are only a small part that should not be undervalued. Start today and make your industry a safe place where valued coworkers can feel protected and proud to be a loyal part of your business.  


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